Streaming Video Reserves

AUS Library offers a service for Faculty to encode material to digital format for use in iLearn.

The library requires 7 days notice before the scheduled viewing in iLearn; also, videos cannot be made available before the end of the Add/Drop period.

Complete this online form to request streaming video services for your class. If you would like to request videos you’ve streamed before, simply select the “multiple videos streamed before; please repeat last streamed videos for this course” option on the online form.

Streaming Video Reserves are available at


The Streaming Video Reserves service provides digitization of video intended for educational use through iLearn to students currently enrolled in the class.

Who may request streaming video

Faculty may request streaming video for use in current semester courses. Requests must be submitted using the Streaming Videos Reserves Form. The form and material to be digitized can be submitted to library staff at the Circulation & Reserves Desk.

What we will digitize

The following formats can be digitized: DVD, VHS and video from some external devices.

Material to be digitized must be owned either by the library or by the person requesting the digitization. Third-party copies, recordings, or transfers, including rentals or personal recordings of television broadcasts can not be digitized.

Converting from VHS to streaming video is possible only when a DVD copy is not available for the same material. If a DVD copy is available this version must be purchased and then used for streaming purposes.

Please note that in order to digitize original footage created by students, we need to have written permission from the person who created it.

What we provide

Video is digitized and placed on the video portal server.  Links to the video are then provided to faculty which can be posted in iLearn for the duration of the semester.  Copies of digitized material will not be provided.

How much we will digitize

For commercially produced video or film, we follow applicable guidelines for fair use within the context of copyright law. Acknowledging the source of the copyrighted material does not substitute for obtaining permission.

The Library will adhere to the following definition of fair use when determining an appropriate amount of material to digitize – “reproduction by a teacher of a small part of a work to illustrate a lesson.”

In general, we are able to digitize the amount that would fall within a regular 50 minute classroom session.

See the Copyright and Permissions Service for more information on copyright and fair use.

Some instances must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. We are more than happy to discuss the guidelines and how they apply to materials that faculty wish to use. Please contact Daphne Flanagan (


  • “The Homecoming” by Harold Pinter is considered a dramatic literary work. According to the Teach Act only portions of the work can be streamed. If the specific work is being studied, it can be argued that the work could be streamed in its’ entirety.
  • The AMA’s “Delivering Successful Presentations” video is considered a non-dramatic work and could be streamed in its’ entirety.
  • An entire season of “The Simpsons” cannot be streamed. A portion that can be viewed in a typical class period, i.e. 50 minutes can be streamed.
  • The blockbuster movie “Gladiator” cannot be streamed in its’ entirety. A portion that can be viewed in a typical class period, i.e. 50 minutes can be streamed.
  • Please note: Streaming technology will not replicate the quality of the original work. To provide student access faculty may consider placing original works on Reserves in the Library or display material in class in the original format.

Who to Contact

For more information about Streaming Video Reserves please contact Amy Zahra and Sylva Dourbaly.

For questions about accessing streaming video reserves via the AUS Video portal see the following pdf instruction guide: Instructions for accessing streaming video reserves

For questions about linking streaming video to iLearn courses see the following pdf instruction guide: Instructions for linking to streaming video to iLearn courses


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