Honoring AUS Library’s Student Assistants – Fall 2017

This year the library recognizes five graduating library student assistants who have worked tirelessly to provide ongoing support to you our users working throughout the semester, in the evenings and on weekends too.

Following tradition – as graduating student assistants having worked with us for 4 or more semesters, and honored recipients of the AUS Library’s Student Assistant Recognition Program, each has selected a book which now contains their name inscribed on a book-plate. This is only one small, but lasting reminder of the contribution each student has made to the AUS Library. We thank each of you for your service!

We asked each student to reflection on their time spent working in the library and the skills they each have gained.

Shadia Abdalla Salum

Book Selection: A Thousand Splendid Suns Call Number: PS3608.O832 T56 2007

“As a student assistant, I have learnt to communicate effectively with patrons. In addition, I learnt how to manage my time between studying and working. The experience has also taught me a lot about the work environment so that later on when I start working I will not be overwhelmed by the transition from the student world to the working world.”

Hamza Ahmed Badawy

Book Selection: The Secret Call Number: BF639 .B97 2006

“I decided to join the library as a Student Assistant, five semesters ago and can proudly say that, working in the library has helped me improve my time management skills. Working in the library has also improved my interpersonal skills such as communication, work ethics, etiquette, and team work.”

Md Shahrookh Shahid

Book Selection: Oliver Twist Call Number: PR4567 .A1 2008

“I have become punctual working in the library and I improved my interaction skills by communicating with patrons. Also, I have acquired goal-oriented skills to finish given tasks on time.”

Waleed Qureshi

Book Selection: Engineering Fundamentals of the Internal Combustion Engine Call Number: TJ785 .P78 2004

“Working in the library has taught me numerous things – from the attitude required in helping patrons, to troubleshooting technical issues. However, the best thing I believe this experience has taught me is that it is okay to not know everything; there will be a learning process and asking questions, whenever in doubt, is the initial step to excel. As I have learned, a positive attitude towards colleagues goes a long way.”

Alhassan Hamad

Book Selection: رحلة ابن بطوطة Call Number: G370 .I2 2010

“Working in the library has been very beneficial to me.  I have spent seven semesters assisting students with all of their technical issues. Interacting with different types of students, different cultures, nationalities and personalities has made me more patient and attentive.  I have also acquired time management skills. Lastly, I have got to know amazing people whether they were library staff or student assistants that I would not have befriended if I did not apply to work in this marvelous institution!”

Interested in working as a student assistant in the library?

You can find out more about the library’s Student Assistant Program here: http://library.aus.edu/about/student-employment/

Pictured below with the University Librarian Daphne Flanagan are (from left to right):
Waleed Qureshi, Md Shahrookh Shahid, Shadia Abdall Salum, Alhassan Hamad and Hamza Badawy.

Waleed Qureshi, Md Shahrookh Shahid, University Librarian Daphne Flanagan, Shadia Abdall Salum, Alhassan Hamad and Hamza Badawy stand in front of a bookshelf in the library

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