Better Student Papers

Ten Ways We Can Help Teaching Faculty Improve the Quality of Student Research Papers

  1. Request a course specific library instruction session tailored to the assignment and research needs of your class by the Liaison Librarian in your discipline.
  2. Encourage your students to visit the Library Help Desk (Ground Floor-Library) for research advice and help in locating quality resources.
  3. Encourage your students to review the online learning modules on the library’s web site covering all major aspects of the research process.
  4. Work with your Liaison Librarian to create a LibGuide designed specifically for your course.
  5. Add links to key library resources (such as the library catalog, electronic databases and LibGuides) from your ilearn course.
  6. Direct your students to the Library’s APA (6th edition) style guide for citation and reference list help in the form of working examples by source type.
  7. Encourage your students to visit the Writing Center to seek assistance with their writing.
  8. Refer honors and graduate students doing in-depth research to the Liaison Librarian in their discipline for individualized assistance: [email protected]
  9. Meet with your Department Liaison Librarian to discuss planned research topics and available resources in the library.
  10. Request a library services update for faculty in your department (eg. Demos of discipline specific databases) Contact your Department Liaison Librarian.

See the Faculty Guide to Library Research Assignments for ideas on how to design appropriate and effective library research related assignments.


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