Copyright and Library Reserves

Library or personal materials can be placed on reserve for students at the AUS library. Reserve materials may include class notes along with copyrighted materials such as books, book chapters, journal articles and other works purchased by the library. Purchased materials can be placed on reserve without obtaining copyright permissions and can stay on reserve for multiple semesters. However, making multiple copies of these materials and placing those copies on reserve does require copyright permission, in most cases. The copied item must include a copyright statement and can only remain on reserve for a single semester.

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While the Copyright Act does not specifically address library reserves, standards do exist for paper-based reserves based on the Copyright Act’s Fair Use Provision.

The American Library Association (ALA) has endorsed the following standards for sharing copyrighted material through paper-based reserves:

  1. The amount of material should be reasonable in relation to the total amount of material assigned for one term of a course, taking into account the nature of the course, its subject matter and level.
  2. The number of copies should be reasonable in light of the number of students enrolled, the difficulty and timing of assignments, and the number of other courses which may assign the same materials.
  3. The material should contain a notice of copyright.
  4. The effect of photocopying the material should not be detrimental to the market for the work. (In general, the library should own at least one copy of the work.)



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