What is an Academic Coursepack?

An academic coursepack is a collection of materials photocopied and grouped in a book format for students. They are commonly offered for sale in the campus bookstore. Most publishers grant permission for their books or articles to be copied and distributed in educational contexts, for a fee.

A coursepack is an efficient way of providing students with the key readings for their particular course by bringing together extracts from several publications tailored to the needs of the course.

Producing a coursepack ensures that:

  1. Students can save time when searching for, and photocopying, materials required for the course
  2. Students and faculty are using legally obtained material without infringing on copyright
  3. Required license fees are paid to the original copyright holders or authors

NOTE: Getting permission to use several chapters from textbooks is not easy. Obtaining such permission can be very time consuming, lengthy process and costly.


We can also offer electronic coursepacks for smaller class sizes. E-coursepacks provide readings in PDF format that students can access via iLearn. They are a good way to reduce the coursepack price as they eliminate printing fees. Students in the class are charged the e-coursepack fee automatically by Finance.

Materials that can be included in a Coursepack

  1. Materials with copyright owned by faculty themselves. No fees required
  2. Materials from faculty to students including course notes, syllabi, grading criteria, assignments, reading lists, URLs for accessing online articles, examination timetables, sample test questions, etc. No fees required
  3. Copyrighted materials cleared through the Copyright & Permissions Service. Fees are required

Materials that cannot be included in a Coursepack

  1. Excerpts from textbooks – Textbook publishers usually don’t give permission for coursepacks. However, we can check.
  2. Harvard Business Review case studies – ***
  3. Material that the library owns in electronic form – We can help provide you with links to articles or ebooks to post in iLearn.

How to create a Coursepack – Procedure and Process

First contact to request a coursepack for your class. Please try to submit your request as early as possible, as getting permission can be a very lengthy process.

We will need the following information from you to begin the process:

  • Full course name and number
  • Department name
  • Names of all faculty teaching course
  • Approximate number of students in the course
  • A complete list of works with full citation (author, title, page numbers, publisher and publication date) you would like to include in the pack. Please list the works in the order you would like them placed in the pack.  This list will act as the table of contents for your coursepack.
  • Next please send the library the best quality hard or soft copies you have of the works you would like placed in the coursepack.  The library technical staff is happy to assist in creating a cleaner copy of your original to send to printing.

The Copyright and Permissions Service at the library will obtain copyright permission and oversee the printing and delivery of the course packs to the bookstore.

Email us at if you have any questions about coursepacks.

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