Create a Course Libguide

Faculty are highly encouraged to work with their liaison librarian to develop a course specific Libguide. Libguides are an effective way to emphasize an array of resources for you and your students. Help your students learn about the core books and reference materials, key library databases, recommended websites, and more.

Your liaison librarian will create a Libguide for your course and collaborate with you to provide access to the best resources for your course. Your input is highly valued.

Already, the library has a growing number of Libguides with over 60 available online! Some of the more popular guides are the APA 6th edition, English for Engineering, and UAE resources, but you can browse the Libguide homepage to discover many more.

To access our current listing of Libguides, go to, and select Subject Guides. You can browse by subject, featured, and course specific guides. Libguides are free, require no password for viewing, and are available online 24/7.

To get started on your course Libguide, please contact your liaison librarian.


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