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WorldCat FAQs

What is WorldCat?

WorldCat, also called WS Discovery or WMS Discovery, is a new discovery tool which searches the library’s physical and digital collections in a single step. This includes books, eBooks, scholarly journals, newspaper articles, and more. WorldCat replaces Summon, and the old “Classic Catalog”, also called Millennium.

WorldCat returns items from the library’s collections and ranks them into a single list by relevance.

How does WorldCat differ from the old “Classic Catalog”?

The Classic Catalog was a listing of books, e-books, media, journal titles, and other items in the AUS Library’s collection.

The Classic Catalog allowed:

  • Precise field searching e.g. author, title, call number
  • Browse by subject heading
  • Access to MyLibraryRecord
  • Access to Course Reserves

WorldCat is the new listing of the AUS Library’s collection of books, e-books, media, journal titles and other materials. WorldCat searches all of these materials as well as scholarly articles found through our online database collection. It allows for quick keyword searches that will tell you what the library has on a topic or if we have a particular title.

WorldCat combines the functionality of the old Classic Catalog with many of the additional search features offered by Summon.

WorldCat allows:

  • Precise field searching e.g. author, title, call number
  • Limit by topic or subject heading
  • Access to Your Library Account
  • Access to Course Reserves
  • Search articles, limiting to scholarly and/or full-text online
  • Search beyond the AUS Library’s collection
  • Relevance ranking of all search results

Can I still use Summon and the Millennium “Classic Catalog”

WorldCat has replaced Summon completely as the library’s discovery tool.

Similarly, the “Classic Catalog” was a part of our old “Millennium” system to which we are no longer maintaining a subscription and is not available.

Does WorldCat have a mobile interface?

Yes, WorldCat uses responsive design to tailor its layout to the size of your display.

Can’t find a book/article/journal in WorldCat. How do I find it?

Can’t find a book in WorldCat? Try:

  • Limiting your results to Content Type: Book (and/or eBook)
  • Using WorldCat’s advanced search options “Title”, “Title phrase” or “Author”
  • Use quotations marks to return results on an exact phrase

Can’t find an article in WorldCat? Try:

  • Using quotes around the article title for an “exact phrase” search
  • Some articles may not be available through WorldCat. Look up the journal title in Journal Finder to see if the library has a subscription, and browse by year/issue to find the article.

Can’t find a journal in WorldCat? Try:

  • Look up the journal title in Journal Finder to see if the library has a subscription.

Need more help finding what you need?

  • Contact the librarians at [email protected] or ask a librarian at the Library Help Desk: 06-515-2277

Why does the full text not show up when I click a full text article/e-book?

This typically happens when there is an error in the citation. Try these alternative methods to find the resource:

  • For articles: look up the journal title in Journal Finder to see if the library has a subscription.

How do I reduce the number of results to find exactly what I’m looking for?

Searches in WorldCat can give a very large number of results. Try the following methods to refine your search:

  • Phrase searching by placing your search terms between quotation marks
  • Run an advanced search on specific fields such as “Title” or “Author”
  • Refine search results using limits on the left-hand side e.g. by Format, Topic, Year, etc.

How can I tell if a journal is indexed by WorldCat?

To check that a journal’s articles are available through WorldCat do the following:

  1. Type your journal’s name in quotation marks, leaving everything else blank, and click search
  2. If you obtain results it is safe to say the journal you are looking for is indexed in WorldCat


Will WorldCat change over time?

WorldCat is a discovery service provided to the library by OCLC as part of our subscription to WMS, much like how we subscribe to databases. It is expected to be maintained and updated regularly, which may affect how it appears and functions.

Why did the Library implement WorldCat?

In short, our old ILS was being retired and we needed to find a replacement. After much deliberation, WorldCat and WMS, the ILS it is associated with, were chosen as the best options to provide our users with the features and access they have come to expect.

WorldCat Discovery offers researchers more specific searching, as well as access to a larger world of scholarship. It also allows Faculty and graduate students to more easily place document delivery requests to books and other items held at libraries around the world.

How do I report problems with WorldCat?

  • Click “Tell us what you think!” at the bottom right of any WorldCat page and your message will be sent to OCLC, the company that administers WorldCat.
  • Contact the librarians at [email protected] or ask a librarian at the Library Help Desk: 06-515-2277

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