How Do I?

See the questions below for help performing research with AUS Library resources. If you need help, please visit the Library Help Desk for help with research, or the AUS Writing Center for help writing, citing, or structuring your work.

Doing research

How do I use Journal Finder?

Journal Finder is a useful tool when you want to find out if AUS Library has a subscription to a particular journal, as it contains the full listing of full-text journals either in print or electronic. Searches in Journal Finder can either be done by Title (begins with, equals, or contains all words) or by ISSN. Search results will display whether the library subscribes to the particular journal and the database it is available in with the date range of the subscription. An available link will guide the user directly to the Title level page in each database.

How do I cite my research properly?

Reference librarians have created style guides or provide useful links to assist users in creating correct citations and bibliographies. See our Citing Sources page for the latest citation help available.

How do I search for a book?

WorldCat is the starting point for all book searches in the library. Users can search by Keyword, Title, Author, LC Subject Heading and ISBN. Reference librarians are on hand to help with search strategies and locating the material within the library, please contact the Library Help Desk for assistance.

How do I find books on the shelf?

The Library uses the Library of Congress Classification, a system of classification used in academic libraries to organize and arrange books according to subject. The system divides publications into classes which are identified by one or two letters of the alphabet, followed by numbers to further classify subtopics. For more information on this and other research topics see the Reflect Learn Connect learning module.

How do I search for online articles?

It depends on what subject your research is in. The best place to start is WorldCat which searches the entire library collection at one time, including articles and books.  Alternatively, full text databases covering many subjects such as Proquest Research Library or Academic Search Premier are a good place to start if you want more focused results. Reference librarians are available to assist in selecting the most relevant database and using effective search strategies to find material.

How do I search databases by subject category?

The listing of databases by subject lists all databases in general subject areas, please refer to the listing for the most relevant resources for your research needs.

How do I search for electronic books (e-books)?

There are many ways to search for electronic books. WorldCat contains all subscribed electronic book material with links directly to the material in either ebrary, Ebook Central or other e-book collections. Alternatively, users may search each interface directly for the same material. As well, Reference librarians have created a list of websites that offer free electronic books.

How do I suggest the library purchase a book related to my research?

Users can suggest books or media items for the library by either contacting a librarian directly or filling out the Suggest-A-Book form on the AUS Library website. The suggestion will then be reviewed by a librarian, and a decision made based on the suitability of the item for the library’s collection.

The AUS Library Collection Development Policy can be accessed for further information regarding collection building and acquisition policies.

How do I understand what the librarian is saying?

If you’ve ever felt that your librarians are using a different language than you are, you can now find out for yourself what they are talking about. The definitions of some commonly used library terms on our Library Lingo page.

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