Library Audio Tour

How to take the self-guided library audio tour

What are QR codes?

QR codes are two-dimensional matrices that represent a URL or any other type of textual information. The QR code example above connects directly to the Library's audio tour.

To use QR codes you will need:

An Internet enabled mobile phone with a built in camera, a QR code reader app such as (free for download).

To take the AUS Library Audio Tour using your mobile:

Step 1. Download and open a free QR code reader on your mobile phone such as (many mobiles come pre-installed with a reader) Step 2. Point your phone at the Library's Audio Tour QR code and scan using the QR app Step 3. Pick up or print out the AUS Library Audio Tour map Step 4. Visit each map location point and listen to audio descriptions now listed on your mobile If you don't have a mobile phone with a QR code reader installed, the audio is available below. Headsets please! This is a library.

WRI 001 Quiz Instructions

WRI 001 students taking this tour for class please see Library Tour Quiz Instructions for help with iLearn self-enrollment. Instructors - please contact [email protected] to have this feature enabled.

Audio Tour Contributors

The Library wishes to thank Ms. Patricia Prescott and the following WRI 001 (Spring ’11) students for their help in developing this project:

Yasmeen Khaled Almonayyer
Abd-Allah Yousef Ebraheem
Arsalan Muhammad Ajaz
Ibrahim Walid Soutari
Jehad Mohd.Amin Abdelhadi
Ibrahim Walid Soutari
Abdalla Diaael Shehab El Din
Ahmad Lotfi Ismail
Omar Al Nabtiti
Mahmoud Magdy Hassan
Hashem Bassam Saleh
Lubna Mohamed Alnuaimi
Jehad Mohd.Amin Abdelhadi
Waqas Muhammad
Lina Hasan Abdalla
Mustafa Husam Sabbah
Kainat Abbasi (Library Student Assistant)
Erina Batiroska (Library Student Assistant)

WRI 001 students

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