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Quiet Study Areas

In response to requests for quiet study spaces, the library has created two enclosed “No Talking” zones, one on the 1st floor (former Arabic Collection area) and one on the 2nd (top). These silent study areas offer a refuge for those who need a quiet and less distracting study environment. The rooms are clearly marked as no talking areas and library staff actively patrol to ensure areas remain peaceful and quiet.


The AUS Library provides a wide range of computing options for students. Computers are located on the ground floor in the Information Commons and on the 1st floor. In total there are 170 computers and laptops for you to use. For more information about the computers and software available see the Computers & Laptops page.


There are also laptops available for check out at the Circulation/Reserves desk on the ground floor.

Library Computer Etiquette

There are times when the library computers are in heavy demand. Please be considerate of others and…

Avoid occupying a computer without actually using it – it’s okay to go to the printer or Library Help Desk but if you’re going for coffee or to class please log out and let the next person use the computer.


You may use your own personal laptop to connect to the AUS _Wireless network anywhere within the library. The IC Help Desk staff are available at all times for configuration of student laptops. Please approach one of the staff for assistance.

If you are comfortable configuring your own laptop review the following instructions for details on enabling laptops on the university wireless network.

Booking Rooms

Book a Presentation Room

Practice your presentation skills in our Presentation Rooms on the 1st floor. Bring your laptop, connect to the ceiling-mounted projector and get started! You can book one of the rooms through the Library’s online room reservations system or ask for assistance at the Circulation Desk on the ground floor.

Book a Media Room

If you have a movie or video you need to watch you can do so in any of our media rooms on the 1st floor. All you need is your ID and you can get the key from the Circulation Desk on the ground floor.

Group Study Rooms

We have many group study rooms you can use to study with your classmates. They are limited to use by 2 or more students and are located on the 1st floor and don’t have to be booked in advance. During exam period some of these rooms need to be reserved at the Circulation Desk.

Online Room Bookings

Take advantage of our online room reservations system by scheduling a room in advance. Reservations may be made by AUS students only and require a valid AUS campus login.

Print, Scan & Photocopy


You can find printers on the ground and 1st floors of the library. Printing in the Library is through Pharos. All registered Undergraduate and Graduate students are credited at the beginning of every semester with the value of a number of free printing pages. This will allow you to print without charge from Pharos enabled printers up to that limit of free pages per semester.

The free quota is:

  • Fall Semester – 400 pages @ 25fils/page = AED 100
  • Spring Semester – 400 pages @ 25fils/page = AED 100
  • Summer Semester – 160 pages @ 25fils/page = AED 40

To print from the library using Pharos, use your AUS E-mail username (eg. b000XXXX ) and your E-mail password when prompted. To release print jobs, go to Release Stations located in the Print Areas of the Information Commons, Classrooms and First Floor and enter your login details, select the print job(s) and click on Print.


Free scanning is available on the ground and 1st floors. There’s a high speed scanner available on the ground floor in the Information Commons.


On the ground floor you can find all of the photocopiers, both black & white and color – you have to add credit to your SafeQ account at the Cashiers’ Office in the Main Building or at the cafe next to the Library. For current charges check our Printing & Photocopying page.




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