Getting Started


To get started in the Library, there are a few things you’ll want to do as soon as you can:

  1. Get your ID card so you can borrow books
  2. Get your network password from IT so you can login to our computers.
  3. Get your AUS email account from IT so you can print in the library and renew your books online: for more information about your network and email accounts check out the IT FAQ site.

This guide covers these topics and much more. Have a great year!

Get your ID Card

Your AUS ID Card is your Library Card

AUS ID Cards are issued to all registered students by the Public Relations Department in office MM-25 in the Main Building. You need your card to borrow books from the Library, reserve study rooms, check out laptops, etc. Make sure you bring your card when you come to the Library.

Borrow & Renew Materials


Undergraduate students may borrow up to 30 items for 3 weeks and graduate students can borrow up to 40 items with a 49 day loan period. These can be renewed up to four times for undergraduate and two times for graduate students. Videos, CDs, DVDs and tapes are limited to 5 items (of each type) and can be borrowed for one week. These items cannot be renewed. Fines will apply to any late returns or lost items.
Self Checkout
You can check out library material in a number of ways. Self-check stations are located at the Circulation/Reserves Desk and provide the quickest way to check out Library material. Two additional self-check stations are located in the foyer of the second floor. You may also check out material directly at the Circulation/Reserves Desk.

Reserve Items

Professors will often place items “on reserve” in the Library. This means that you can ask for the article/book at the Circulation/Reserves Desk or search the library catalog to check availability. Since many students need to share these items, they can usually be used for only 2 hours and they may not be taken from the library. In most cases, reserve items can be photocopied.


If you need additional time to finish a book, you can renew the loan. Books may be renewed by either returning the item to the Circulation/Reserves Desk, renewing via the library catalog or by telephoning the Circulation/Reserves Desk during the library’s normal hours of operation (06 515 2256). Renewal will be for the same time period as the original loan. To renew, you will need to provide your ID number, correct details regarding the book or the book barcode number.

Returning Items

You may return library material directly the Circulation/Reserves Desk.

Alternatively, three book returns are located on campus, one outside the Library entrance, one in front of the Student Center, the other in front of the Arts Building. The book drops are emptied every morning. Books returned to the book drop are counted as received the previous evening. Please use the book drop only for the return of library materials. Fragile items such as videotapes and CDs should be returned directly to the Circulation/Reserves Desk.

My Library Account

In the Library Catalog you can renew your books online, see if you have any fines, find out what you have borrowed and place a hold on a book that somebody else has borrowed. Do this through My Account in the Library Catalog — all you need is your AUS email username and AUS email password.


To find the hours of operation please consult the Library website. The library is generally closed on all UAE national holidays, and official University holidays. The library may operate under reduced hours during Ramadan and mid-term breaks. Additional hours may be added during exam periods.

Where is the Library?

You can’t miss the Library – it’s one of the biggest buildings on campus. Check out the campus map at There is only one entrance into the Library located inside the building across from the bookstore and coffee shop.

You can also find the Library online at

Study Environment

studyingWhile you’re in the Library please be considerate of others and minimize your use of mobile phones. If you are doing group work with fellow students please avoid the areas that are designated as “no-talking zones.”

Food and drink is not allowed in the Library. This policy protects the Library’s collections from damage, helps maintain a pest-free building and ensures a clean environment. Bottled water is permitted.


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