Qualtrics Updates: Training Opportunities, and Easy Access with Single Sign-On!

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Tuesday, October 24, 2023



On September 7, 2023, we unveiled an exciting update in regards to Qualtrics, introducing a new campus license alongside our existing SBA and CAS brands.

Since the launch of this resource, we would like to highlight the available training opportunities and additional access method for the SBA and CAS brands.

Training Opportunities: 

Qualtrics offers various training options, including live webinars, on-demand training, and guides. We recommend that users take advantage of live webinars and on-demand training to explore advanced features and refer to the user-friendly webpage guide for a comprehensive understanding of Qualtrics functionality.

See below quick links to get you started: 

Learn to use Qualtrics using their step-by-step guides and manuals.
Use the Qualtrics Survey Basic Overview to get started.
Qualtrics Survey Tips & Tricks will assist you to improve your survey.

Also visit our Qualtrics Libguide which includes links to Qualtrics Videos and Tutorials via the Basecamp.

Eager to explore Qualtrics in depth? Why not become part of the XM Qualtrics Community?

The XM community is a place where Qualtrics users of all skill levels can come together to discuss the product, seek answers to thousands of questions, and connect with like-minded users across various industries to learn how they're leveraging Qualtrics.

In the XM community, you can find information on new product features, release notes for product updates, and use it as a platform to influence product improvements by providing valuable feedback.


Accessing Qualtrics is now more convenient than ever, thanks to the implementation of Single Sign-On (SSO). All AUS faculty, staff, and students can access Qualtrics by simply logging in with their AUS credentials.

Qualtrics Account Links:
SBA: https://sbasurveys.aus.edu 
CAS: https://cassurveys.aus.edu 
AUS: https://academicsurveys.aus.edu

For more information and detailed login instructions, please visit our dedicated Qualtrics LibGuide.

If you would like additional information or help please contact your liaison librarian.