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The American University of Sharjah (AUS) Archives is a department within the AUS library. It is the repository for the institutional records that are created by the various academic and administrative departments of the university. The mission of the Archives is to collect, maintain, preserve, and make available records that are of historical or legal value, as well as records that document the development of the university and the various campus activities.

Access to Collection

Access to Collection

Records retained in Archives are unique in their nature; therefore all records are non-circulating. Official university records transferred to the archives are available for reference except in cases where specific restrictions are imposed by the originating office. The degree of restriction will be agreed upon by the originating office and the archivist. In all cases where restrictions may apply, they will be documented under the section of “Restrictions related to the materials deposited” when filling out the PDF iconArchives Receiving Form Under certain conditions, such records may be released, but a restricted access request form must be approved first. PDF iconRestricted Records - Access Request Form

Giving Materials to the Archives

Giving Materials to the Archives

Before transferring material to the Archives please contact the Archivist.

Only records that are of archival value are transferred to the AUS Archives. Before destroying documents, departments should consult with the Archivist to appraise the documents and determine the archival value of the records.

Records of archival value may exist in all formats, hard copies and/or electronic copies. Electronic archival records should be maintained and transferred to archives in a format that is acceptable to the Archives.

PDF iconArchives Receiving Form must be filled out whenever material is transferred to the AUS Archives.

Intranet Site

Archives Intranet Site

The intranet site is a database of holdings in the collection—including documents, photos, videos, DVDs, blueprints, posters and maps—which can be searched for research or reference purposes. The collection is organized by main classification (AUS schools or department) and sub-classifications (type of document). Users must be on the AUS campus to access the intranet site.

Location, Hours & Contact Information

Location, Hours & Contact Information


LIB 205, AUS Library, 2nd Floor, Technical Services

Reference Hours

Monday  – Thursday:  9:00 am – 2:00 pm


Samar Yassin, Archives Specialist

Phone: (06) 515-2258

Fax: (06) 515-4068



AUS Archives may operate under reduced hours during Ramadan, mid-term breaks and summer semester.


Photocopying Archival Documents

Photocopying Archival Documents

Requests for photocopying or scanning PDF iconPhotocopy – Scan Request Form are submitted to Archives with the understanding that the copies are intended solely for use by the researcher. A notice concerning copyright restrictions is attached to the photocopy/scan request form and all users are advised to read this notice very thoroughly before submitting their requests.


Paper Photocopy:

Photocopying is done only by the Archives staff. For requests of 10 pages or less immediate service is offered. For requests exceeding this number, users can collect their photocopies the next working day.
Cost per black & white photocopy: 0.50 dirhams

Cost per color photocopy: 2 dirhams

Photograph Digital Scans:

Photograph digital copies can be requested by patrons and emailed to them as attachments within 24 hours. Scans are reproduced in a JPEG format. Still photography reproduction service is not offered by the AUS Archives. Scans of still photographs can be emailed and for the same price as the digital copies. A maximum of 5 digital images can be requested at any one time.

Cost per scan: 2 dirhams

Video, CD or DVD Reproduction:

Video, CD or DVD reproductions are made solely for the personal use of the individual requesting them. A maximum of 2 recordings is permitted. Video cassette, CD or DVD is supplied by the patron.

Cost per reproduction: 20 dirhams.

Requests for photocopying or scanning are processed after the patron pays the charges for the order. A form with the exact charge is filled out, and payment is made at the cashier’s office. The receipt is returned to Archives and photocopying or scanning can then be made.

Scope of Collection

Scope of Collection

The Archives is selective in the accumulation of the institutional documents of AUS. Only documents of relevance to the history and function of the University are collected and preserved in the Archives. Documents collected relate to the following:

  1. Academic and administrative records.
  2. Records of student organizations and student activities.
  3. Campus publications, monographic and serial, such as newsletters, catalogs, directories, surveys etc.
  4. Photographs – digital and prints (some negatives).
  5. Videos and DVDs of academic and cultural activities.
  6. Masters Theses completed by AUS graduates.
  7. Architectural drawings, blueprints and maps.
  8. Accreditation material for all AUS programs.

Thesis and Dissertation Submission

Thesis and Dissertation Submission

As of Spring 2020 semester, graduate students are no longer required to submit paper copies of their thesis to the AUS Archives.

Please refer to the Office of Graduate Studies ( for details on thesis and dissertation submission requirements as well as writing and formatting guidelines.

The “Guide to Graduate Thesis Policies and Procedures” is available on iLearn Community > Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) > Office of Graduate Studies Policies & Procedures.

In accordance with the Office of Graduate Studies Policies and Procedures, it is AUS policy to maintain master’s theses and PhD dissertations in the AUS Archives and make them available to other students and scholars. To this end, all AUS theses and dissertations will be uploaded to the AUS Institutional Repository (, where they will be openly accessible online.

When all required material has been submitted, the Archives staff will remove the “Archives Hold” from the student’s account.

Using Archival Documents

Using Archival Documents

All documents in Archives are non-circulating and must be used in the Archives office. Rules have been set up to guarantee the proper use of the documents and to ensure their preservation for future generations.

  • Registration form must be filled out by all patrons.
  • Notes are taken in pencil only.
  • Care must be taken to maintain the order and arrangement of papers.
  • Only one folder of material to be used at a time.
  • Patrons are responsible for all materials delivered to them and no changes to be made to the records.
  • Photocopying is permitted unless the item is fragile, or deposited under restricted access terms.
  • Pens, highlighters, eating, drinking or smoking are not allowed.